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To cultivate working relationships, participants engage in a two-day KickOff either in-person (at one of our participating schools) or online on Adobe Connect and via other video conferencing tools. 

During the KickOff, we engage in interactive exercises to foster idea generation, entrepreneurism, brainstorming, teaming, self-assessment, presentation, and networking skills and lay the foundation for the intense work the teams will be doing virutally over the following three months. 

Students participate alongside business professionals, law and business academics, legal entrepreneurs, and lawyers from around the world. Together the LawWithoutWalls community participate in hands-on activities to learn how innovate and affect change in our daily lives.  

In 2014, for the first time, we conducted an all-virtual KickOff as part of LWOW X (our all-virtual model).  Our goals for the online KickOff are the same but the exercises we conduct and they way we conduct them will be different and will be virtual.  Stay tuned to hear more about how we will utilize virtual-break out rooms virtual exercises, online badges, and even virtual cocktails to create a close-knit community like we do at our in-person KickOff.

LawWithoutWalls is, among other things, an attempt to eliminate the barriers between faculty and students, business and law, professors and practitioners, education and practice.  Thus, the KickOff is anything but a typical meeting.  Instead, it is a collaborative, skills-intensive working session designed to challenge the way we think, the way we learn, and the way we communicate with each other.  In keeping with the spirit of LawWithoutWalls, we will try new things, take on risks, and hopefully learn a great deal about ourselves, each other, and what we want for the future.

KickOff Awards 

The 2014 Eversheds KickOff Award was given, by popular vote, to the two top presentations at the KickOff. Each team was assigned a substantive topic, provided with experts to interview, and had an afternoon to research, compose, and deliver an ignite-style presentation about their topic in front of the entire KickOff audience. The two winning teams were awarded three extra minutes of time for their final ConPosium presentations.

2014 Eversheds KickOff Award Winners:

Paul DeCoster, Ivan Louis, and Laura Song ("Law Market: Australia")

Ephraim Olson, Julian Rudolph, Julie Spain ("Law Consultants")

Prior KickOff Schedules and Videos 

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2013 KickOff Lip-Sync Video (created by LawWithoutWalls participants + Alumni)

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