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On 18-19 April 2015, the University of Miami School of Law will host our 5th annual ConPosium. The ConPosium is an extremely interactive event with live chat, music, judges, and audience participation clickers (think American Idol meets Dragon's Den). Students from the fifteen LawWithoutWalls teams will present their Projects of Worth — solutions to problems in legal education and practice across a broad spectrum of topics. Each team will also have two mentors provide background and commentary on the topic.  Each Project of Worth will be assessed by a trans-disciplinary panel of venture capitalists, lawyers, academics, entrepreneurs, and business profesisonals. These "judges" will assess the projects based on substance, creativity, viability, and presentation style.  And the audience members voice their opinions through live chat and real-time voting.  A winning team is selected and awarded the Eversheds ConPosium Award which incubation witin the University of Miami's Launchpad along with round-trip airfare and accomodations to the next year's KickOff.

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