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Michael Bossone

Michael Bossone was a founding member of LawWithoutWalls and was a co-creator from 2011-2013.  He is a global leader in digital learning and organic technology. His career has been dedicated to building and sustaining human connection and institutional culture.  He is formerly Special Advisor to the Dean at the University of Miami School of Law and Assistant Dean at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.
Frustrated by the high degree of disengagement and dissatisfaction experienced by law school students, Michael became the architect of the Student Development program.  Over 13 years, he met one-on-one with over 2,500 law students to get to know their personal stories, goals, and aspirations, and then work with them to develop and execute a customized plan for success in their educations, careers, and lives.  This has provided him invaluable insight into the current and future state of the legal profession and the millennials who will continue to drive the legal practice revolution. His vast experience in law school administration includes educational technology, space planning and interior design, leadership and management consulting, marketing and web design, and just about every aspect of student services.  In addition to his work in law and business schools, Michael regularly advises business, religious, education, and community leaders to help them excel in their endeavors.
Michael majored in philosophy and theology at the University of Notre Dame where he wrote his thesis under the direction of Professor Alasdair MacIntyre.  He then worked with Professor Ronald Dworkin while earning his J.D. from New York University School of Law.  Michael lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, US with his wife, Tressy, and children, Aidan, and Aria.